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Hi 👋, I'm Daniel.

I Write To Share My Experiences And Challenges

Working remotely from Coimbra 🇵🇹, currently Associate Director of Product Design & UX Research at Talkdesk

Most Recent Stories

Challenging Assumptions in UX Design: How a User-Centered Approach Can Lead to Innovation In this story, I want to explore the importance of challenging assumptions in User Experience (UX) design and how we can get different and surprisingly better results doing that. This topic is vital to anyone, not just leaders in UX, but fundamentally to good leadership.
Should Product Designers Know How to Code? I am a Product Designer with a strong understanding of modern web development languages (such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS), which brought tremendous value to my career when I had an Individual Contributor role, and that’s what this story is about.
How to Let Your Employees Spread Their Wings Alright, buckle up, citizens of the world, because I want to share one of the banes of every employee’s existence: micromanagement.
The Importance of a Centralized UX Research Team for SaaS Companies The times are changing, and in today’s market, having a product or service that “just works” is not enough; people want to solve their problems quickly.
Hello 👋 I created this story to share why I decided to start writing about Product Design Leadership and much more.

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